Two more weeks until this years IHIDC

22nd October 2019.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

International Hotel Investment and Design Conference will be held in the Andaz Vienna Hotel on 7th November. This is a leading specialized event dedicated to the development of the hotel industry and covers the markets of central and east Europe. The participants are specialized investors, entrepreneurs, operators, consultants and designers engaged in the hotel industry.

Ever since its establishment in 2007, this specialized event has been traditionally organized in Vienna. IHIDC has earned its prestigious and recognized place among the numerous events dedicated to development of business activities within the hotel industry. More than 40 respected speakers from 20 countries and more than 300 participants have already confirmed their participation in the one-day programme. This year program you can see here. Pictures from last year event, you can see here.

The quality of the specialized topics and confirmed speakers recommend this event as mandatory and qualify it as the first class one-day event.

Cease this business opportunity, come to Vienna for two weeks and be a part of this outstanding event.

One week until CEE Property Forum

11th September 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

There are hardly any available seats in the audience of this years CEE Property Forum.

Discounts are no longer offered, all panels with speakers are full. The Savoyen Hotel is fully booked. This event will be really good. Dont miss this specialized business investment opportunity.

See you in Vienna in a weeks time at CEE Property Forum.

One month until XXII Expo Real

7th September 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The announced conference programmes in all 7 thematic units that are to be simultaneously held in 7 points within 6 halls on the Munich Trade fair are having their finishing touches. The exhibitors are concluding their preparations. The catalogues have been printed long time ago and the appointments have been confirmed and are being filled in, where there are possibilities.

Serbia will have its stand and through the presentation of the Development agency of Vojvodina (RAV), the representatives of municipalities from Backa, Srem and Banat will offer their investment potentials. Slowly, but surely, apart from the industrial projects, the offer will include possibility to develop office, retail and hotel/tourist projects throughout the cities and territory of the province of Vojvodina

By presenting its increasing investment potentials, this will be a chance for Serbia to take its place on the top list of the most interesting investment destinations. Recently published data in the Financial Times do Serbia good. Serbia has definitely become the leader in the southeast Europe in terms of attracting foreign investors. This year, FDI is expected to be over 5 billion euros.

Due to all afore mentioned, we expect this years participation and RAVs organization to be highly successful.

See you in Munich!

Two weeks until CEE Property forum

4th September 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

On the website of Property Forum, in the section announcements of CEE events, you can see completed agenda and list of all speakers of this years event. The speakers are as respectable as the companies they will be representing of the utmost investment and specialized rank.

It is certain that as well as in the past, the quality of the topics, speakers and audience would confirm the significance of this event.

Cease this opportunity to be properly and directly informed on the investment situation in the CEE region by being present at the event. Try to find your investment opportunity by visiting and taking part in the at the CEE Property Forum.

Two months until Expo Real

7th August 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The organization of this years Expo Real is reaching its final phase. Leading European business platform B2B sends new announcements and notification throughout the world on daily basis. With every year, the number of international participants in Expo Real increases and there will be no world market that would not be represented in Munich this year.

The old rule says that those that decide in the last moment to visit the event will experience great organizational problems. Decent accommodation in Munich is no longer to be found, the prices of the airplane tickets to Munich have reached the sky, and there are less and less free appointment terms for potential business meetings. The only chance to set up a meeting with serious and prestigious investors in this moment is by stroke of luck!

Due to all afore mentioned, hurry up and catch the business opportunity in Munich this year and present yourself to the world.

More details at

CEE Property Forum, Vienna

23rd July 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The first announcement regarding this years CEE Property Forum has been broadcasted. This year, afternoon and evening of 18th September are reserved for PROPTECH and pre-conference party. The entire day of 19th September is reserved for presentation of the current issues and analysis of CEE region real estate investment development status.

Gathering of RICS members and other interested parties for this prestigious special event, this time will be held in the Vienna Savoyen Hotel, and one day earlier, ERSTE Central office in Vienna will host the cocktail party sponsored by CBRE and Revetas.

The topics are up-to-date and the programme details can be seen here. There are 22 registered topics and more than 30 countries represented by over 500 delegates will be present there.

Cease this opportunity to be properly and directly informed on the investment situation in the CEE region. Try to find and use your business chance in Vienna in the mid of September.

XXII Expo Real, Munich

7th July 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

As usual, three months before the start of the Expo Real, everything is going as planned. The investment market in Munich will once again be a host and gathering platform for this years participants. Last year, there were over 45.000 visitors and it is very likely that this record will be broken with even more visits.

Positive investment expectations in Europe and world go in favour of the event. The unavoidable BREXIT will have key influence onto the real estate development issue in the world and Europe. The expected prolongation of the Britains exit from the EU additionally makes the investment situation more complicated.

Based on the announcements available on the website of Expo Real, there will be 2.095 exhibitors from 41 countries on over 64.000m2 of contemporary exhibit space. There will be more than 500 leading experts from the real estate development industry in the conference programme.

All information on conference part of the programme can be found here.

Follow us daily and frequently,

Balkans Property Forum 2018

19. November 2018.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

On 4 December 2018, Balkans Property Forum 2018, a conference and networking event for real estate professionals from all over Southeastern Europe will be held in Belgrade. Over 150 guests will come together in the Serbian capital to discuss key issues and explore the latest trends influencing the future of the real estate industry.

Jointly organized for the second time in Belgrade, in close cooperation with the RICS, Balkans Property Forum is a leading property event in Southeastern Europe. The conference brings together leading experts from the real estate sector, senior economists, bankers and other industry experts to provide an excellent opportunity to hear from and network with all the important players in the region’s property industry.

The programme of Balkans Property Forum will cover a diverse range of topics. To kick things off, one presentation will provide an economic overview of Southeastern Europe and another will focus on the key trends defining the future of the real estate industry. An international investors’ roundtable will look at investment opportunities in the key markets of the region, namely Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. An individual panel will focus on new developments in the city of Belgrade and a special discussion will be dediacted to the emerging markets of the region (Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina). In the second part of the conference individual panels will provide a detailed look at the office and retail markets and another one will explore the challanges property valuers face today.

Innovation will be a key issue discussed at Balkans Property Forum. New technologies are rapidly rewriting the rules of the property business and it is the mission of Property Forum and RICS to prepare real estate professionals for future changes affecting the profession. All of the panel discussions will answer questions realeted to technolgy in real estate and a special proptech session will help better understand the key changes influencing the industry.

Property Forum is a leading media and event platform in the CEE real estate industry with nearly 10 years of experience. Property Forum organises conferences, business breakfasts and workshops focused on real estate, in London, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw and Belgrade, amongst other locations.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the official event partner for Property Forum events. RICS is the world’s leading qualification when it comes to professional standards in land, property and construction.

One month before Expo Real 2018

10. September 2018.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Grand opening of this year�s Expo Real fair is approaching. Six halls in the row of A, B and C halls that are already leased to the exhibitors occupy approximately 70.000m2. Over 40.000 visitors are expected and they will have an opportunity to see investment real estate products that will seek their buyers/users.
As we have already announced in the middle of July, this year on the Expo Real, next to the specialized visitors, Serbia will also have its booth. Serbia�s booth will be located in hall A1 on the position 210. In the meantime, the participation of the company Adacta is confirmed in hall C1 position 031. On the other side of the fair, just like in the good old days back in 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2010, the domestic real estate market will be represented on several exhibition places.

Serbia in conference programme

As already mentioned, Serbia and its real estate market won a supreme regional position. This position was built thoroughly and systematically. Within this period the entire region of the Southeast Europe caught up with the region of the Central Europe/CEE on several key parameters. This is probably one of the reasons to compare them on the two panels of the Investment Location Forum, discussing the markets of CEE and SEE: �Production and mobility: logistics and industrial properties� and �Changing old to new: revitalizing properties and entire districts�.
The first stated panel starts on Monday, 8th October at 10 o�clock, and the second one is scheduled for the same day at 11 o�clock. The speakers on these panels will be from Serbia, which will additionally confirm the significance and the value of the investment real estate market in Serbia.
CBRE, a consultant company with worldwide reputation, will have its representative in hall A1 on position 441 as co-exhibitor. It seems that Serbia will adequately present its investment potential and accompanying specialized consultant services with cooperation of representatives of VIP/RAS and seven municipalities from Vojvodina (Subotica, Kikinda, Sombor, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Sremska Mitrovica and Pancevo) in hall A1 and booth of Adacta in hall C.

Expected visit from Serbia

As we write this, in the event�s data base on their website there is a list with the data of the visitors from Serbia. Next to the representatives of our exhibitors, there are visitors representing the companies such as BWK, Case 3D, Lawyer�s office Karanovic Nikolic and Lawyer�s office Maric & Mujezinovic, which is a part of the Kinstellar office.

We hope that the number of visitors from Serbia will increase in the next three weeks and that they will adequately support the fair presentation of our exhibitors. Until then, all interested parties are kindly asked to explore the contents on address We are sure that everyone will find something interesting.

See you in Munich.

Another Star in the Serbian Firmament of Retail Parks

27. August 2018

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

In this year�s REBEC in the course of �Retail Development Afternoon� one piece of information sparked visitors� special attention � it was a hint of imminent construction of a retail park/shopping centre in Gornji Milanovac. Due to its well established specialized regional market niche, REBEC got the exclusive right and opportunity to promote the beginning of the project�s development.

�Barmilton Properties� business company from Belgrade initiated the construction permit procedure for the construction of this facility in Gornji Milanovac. �Shop Park� will be the brand name for the retail park development. Thus, through the nature of the project, the town and municipality of Gornji Milanovac, with the population of over 50,000, will join the exclusive group of Serbian towns offering a higher quality of life and services to their population, and also to guests visiting specifically this business point. Additionally, this is how a new and unique place for specialized content, and expected professional services accompanied by outstanding quality, will be given to over 29,000 residents of the town.
According to available data, "Shop park" will be in the possession of 7000m2 gross area and of over 200 parking spaces. For now, it is envisaged that a minimum of 28 stores will be offered to the market, where tenants will position themselves according to the predicted layout and their array of products will cover all the needs of the contemporary lifestyle. These numbers alone point to a very thoroughly planned and developed concept of the project itself which is the first and, for the time being, the only such project in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac. Of course, this will be the opportunity for a larger number of people to find employment in this project. As a result, "Barmilton Properties" from Belgrade will find itself among important local employers such as Tetra Pak, Metalac A.D, SwisslionTakovo, HG Hellios Group, Tipoplastika and many more.

The location of "Shop park" is such that on the one side it is positioned next to the trunk road E 763, and on the other side it will look onto the town promenade by the Despotovica river. In the existing urban block, it is quite likely that this project, with its position and future content, will be generally recognizable and attractive to all those who gravitate towards the area of Gornji Milanovac. It will represent a new culture point as well, and a centre for many accompanying events aimed not only at the residents of the area. Also, having in mind the surroundings of the retail park, it will be an additional appealing potential and reason for the positioning and development of small businesses and other activities in the neighbourhood. They could all progress jointly and soon form a new business centre of Gornji Milanovac.
What "Shop park" will offer to the retail market in Serbia, apart from its concept, are two tenants/retailers from Turkey. These tenants from fashion category will most likely start conquering the Serbian retail market from this project in Gornji Milanovac. This is additional recognition, highlight and recommendation of this project.
On the existing website, it is possible to see other content and information regarding this venture. Among other things, as mentioned on the website, the grand opening of this project is planned to be in May 2019. Let us wish good luck and success to all the entrepreneurs who will take part in the development of this undertaking in Gornji Milanovac.

XXI Expo Real

23. July 2018.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

This year�s Expo Real, twenty-first in a row, will be held in period 8-10 October in the same old place as before. Specialised clients from the world of real estate investment development will gather in the City of Munich�s Fair, at the location of the old airport on approximately 70.000 m2. All kinds of real estate goods / projects will be offered on this market, and potential buyers / customers will try to meet their expectations and needs and to take their places in the clear structure of the real estate development.
This event is categorized as the first class specialized event of the real estate industry and has recognizable international position. Within the exhibition halls there will be 8 specialised forums / conferences, which will last throughout all three days of the event. Over 500 speakers will take part on these forums and it is most likely that all the last year�s records will be exceeded. Next to the expected Expo Real and Investment Location Forums, Real Estate Innovation and Discussion & Networking Forums, Intelligent Urbanisation and Planning & Partnership Forums, we address your attention to the Grand Plaza forum, dedicated to retail sector, which was initiated 2 years ago. More than 300 events / promotions of the independent participators are expected, which is also one of the trademarks of the Expo Real.

Are there any representatives from Serbia this year?

Three months before the beginning of the Expo Real we can say with certainty that Serbia will have its booth on the Fair. Eight municipalities from Vojvodina led by VIP and the Province�s RAS will try to turn the spotlights on their investment potentials. Bearing in mind this year�s accomplished economic indicators, growing number of industry and real estate projects, Serbia has confirmed its investment recognisability and recommended itself on a regional level of the South East Europe.

We hope that the booth of our exhibitors will encourage more local guests to visit this event. Next to that, I believe that due to this booth, Serbia will find its place in one of 8 forums covering some of the topics from the region. The weather forecast is favourable for this time of the year, as was the case in the previous years. No rain, just plenty of autumn sunshine.
See you in Munich on Expo Real 2018.

Representatives from Serbia in MAPIC 2016

10. September 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

According to information's we have got by now from Belgrade, the most numerous team of retail professionals representatives from Serbia is getting ready to visit MAPIC 2016. Finishing Plaza shopping centre in Karaburma building and starting the bridge on Ada Ciganlija building impose additional efforts to attract and move in the prestigious tenants in this projects. Also, announcing the great number of retail parks that are about to be built in Serbia helps the development of this sector. Building the first IKEA endeavour near Belgrade shows that Serbia will be mecca for retail sector development in the succeeding period.

Details for PORTFOLIO CEE Property Forum

05. September 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

On the web site of CEE Property Forum which will be held on 21st September this year, already traditionally in Park Royal Palace, a conference frogram was completed. The most interesting is „Why to invest in SEE“? panel for our market in Serbia.

Tim Wilkinson MRICS will be moderator, Managing Partner, Chairman, Redstone Asset Management, RICS Romania

and confirmed spokesmen are:

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What will EX YU region offer in EXPO REAL?

01. September 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Talking about EX YU region so far, in this year EXPO REAL event, Slovenians and Serbians will have their stands. Admittedly, Slovenians will be on stand 420 in B2 hall. As we have already mentioned the city of Zrenjanin from Serbia will be on stand 110 in hall A1. There are no registrations from Croatia and Montenegro so far, and they were present to some extent in this event before. Neither are Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia there. When event organizers show the statistics of tickets sold we’ll be able to know how high was the number of visitors.

By then you can search for all the information’s you need on

See you in Munich.

One week till the Great City Scape

31. August 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The biggest specialized event for real estate investment development In the Middle East is CITY Scape which is held in Dubai. This year from 6th to 8th September the whole world will gather to compare with each other and to perceive new investment opportunities. Above all this year CITY Scape will celebrate 15 years of holding. According to last information’s, A serious team of representatives from Serbia is getting ready to be there and to feel investment interest for Serbia. We can’t wait to come back and to share their impressions with us.

See more details on

Is there Serbia on EXPO REAL event?

15. August 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

According to present situation Zrenjanin community and Development agency of this city will be the only exhibitors present in EXPO REAL Forum. Like the last year they will be on the A1 stand in 110 Hall. Serbia is not present on this year conference program. We’ll see how high will be the number of visitors from Serbia, and especially we’ll need the confirmation of how much is Serbia interesting for attracting foreign investment partners

The conference program is announced

01. August 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

On website of Portfolio CEE Property Forum agenda with scheme of the program is announced. It looks like the most attractive topic will be BREXIT and its possible influences on financial market of capital which is about to be invested in real estate development.

See more details on

England is getting out?

15. July 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

According to results of the referendum held in England, Europe is the most likely losing one of the most important members. England was always investment mecca and a great financial market to find a financial partner. Will the independence of England cause serious financial shake or this is just good starting point for changing the achieved balance of influence in Europe and worldwide?

Portfolio CEE conference

15. June 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

After the successfully held conference in Bucharest, holding the CEE Property forum was announced for 21st September. Like earlier, at the same place in Wienna, it will be a new opportunity after a year for professionals to meet. We all wait impatiently the result of referendum in England.

See more details on Get ready for Wienna

Change in EXPO REAL event

01. June 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

This year EXPO REAL forum, the twelfth in a row, will take place from 4th to 6th October at the same place. We just want to remind this year for the first time in the history of holding this event, the starting day of this year EXPO REAL forum is not the first Monday in October like it was so far but the first Tuesday in October 2016. Obvious comment of this change is final separation from the last day of OctoberFest.

We expect the complete conference program will be soon announced.

See more details on

The best conference program at REBEC so far

15. May 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Everything indicates that this year’s REBEC which takes place in period from 20th to 22nd June in Metropol hotel will offer the best collection of spokesmen so far. The three main theme unities during those three days will gather more than 200 professionals from the country and abroad. See more details on See you in Belgrade.

Optimistic projections for REBEC 2016 after MPIM 2016

31. March 2016

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

According to interest of foreign investors with whom we negotiated during MIPIM about their visit to REBEC event, foreign visit of the highest quality so far is expected.

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Final Report from EXPO REAL 2015, 5-7 October, Munich

15. October 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Traditionally, the first Monday in October is reserved for EXPO REAL in Munich. On a modern area of ??the Munich fair, 6 halls on approximately 70,000m2 of space, under the roofs of halls A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2, every year EXPO REAL gathers professionals who exhibit and visit this prestigious event. Just like in the previous years, the number of people present regularly reaches over 36,000 participants, about 19,000 visitors and almost the same number of representatives of cca 1700 exhibiting companies.

When it comes to this year, for the eighteenth consecutive time (the premiere was held in 1998) in all of the above categories, the results achieved were better than the last year and the numbers for 2015 are as follows: 37857 participants (2014: 36,893) from 74 countries, of which there were 18,985 visitors (2014: 18716) and 18872 representatives of the exhibiting companies (2014: 18177). The ratio of the visits from Germany and from abroad was 72% from Germany and 28% from other countries. The top list of 10 countries visitors were coming from, apart from Germany, looks like this: Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Czech Republic, United States, Luxembourg and Spain.

The total number of exhibiting companies was 1707 (1,655 in 2014 from 33 countries). The ratio of German and foreign exhibiting companies is 77% of exhibitors from Germany and 23% from other countries. The top 10 countries of EXPO REAL exhibiting companies is as follows: Germany first course, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, the United States, France and the Russian Federation.

All indications have announced successful holding of business talks on Expo Real. The real estate sector is apparently in good condition and medium-term prospects for further recovery appear to be positive regardless of the current situation in Europe.

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A new list of visitors to Portfolio conference in Vienna confirmed

1. September 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Organizers have confirmed a list of speakers twenty days before the start of the one-day specialized Portfolio conference, that will take place on the 23rd of September in Vienna at the Park Royal Palace Hotel.
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Panel of the SEE region at this year's Expo Real completed

31. August 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

In our previous news article we announced the presentation of three markets from the SEE region and our region. In the meantime, the third speaker was confirmed. In addition to Mr. Jakovac and Mr. Wachering, the third speaker will be Mr. Patrick Zehetmayr, deputy manager of the Commercial Real Estate division of Erste Group in Vienna.
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A moderator for the panel of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia declared

15. August 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

On the Exporeal website, in the section of “Investment Location Forum” it was announced that on 6th of October, starting at 12 am, Hall A1,stand 040, an appointment will be held related to the presentation of investment opportunities in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.
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How to encourage exhibitors from SEE region and Serbia, particularly in specialized events

10. August 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

One of the statements of Mr. Stefan Reschke, responsible for the promotion and sales of EXPO REAL for the territory of ex-Yugoslavia and SEE countries, had aroused special attention. It was his recommendation to decision makers who are in charge of organizing promotions of their markets, about what facts to take into account and how tocreate better impact...
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The majority of speakers for the Portfolio conference in Vienna is confirmed

10. August 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Organizers have confirmed a list of speakers a month and a half before the start of the one-day specialized Portfolio conference, which will take place on the 23rd of September in Vienna at the Park Royal Palace Hotel.
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Serbia in the Expo Real 2015 Conference Program

31. July 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

As usual, the last day of the October fest coincides with the first day of Expo Real's. Organizers of Expo Real presented last year's success with a total of 1,655 exhibitors (2 more than in 2013) from the same number of countries (34 countries of the world) and a total of 36,900 visitors (900 more than in 2013). Last year, Serbia had one exhibitor, Banat region, and was not thematically represented in the rich three-day conference program.
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Will Serbia appear at the Expo Real 2015?

15. July 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The next big event ahead of us is related to the promotion and attraction of investments in the Real Estate. EXPO REAL website attracts more and more visitors every day and true professionals are widely promoting and announcing their presentations and business meetings in the effort to initiate and accomplish their new partnerships.

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Programme for the Portfolio conference in Vienna announced

13. July 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

A call for participation to the Portfolio conference scheduled for the 23rd of September in Vienna is already under way. As in the previousyear when  first such conference had taken placein Vienna, there were over 200 participants at the Park Royal Palace Hotel. This year close to 300 visitors - conference participants are to be expected.
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Stefan Reschke from REBEC 2015: Serbia has great investment potentials in the region

1. July 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

During this year's REBEC event, organizers provided the audience with the opportunity to have a single panel participated by the representatives of the three most important specialized events which more or less regularly promote Serbia. Those were the representatives of Greet Vienna, MIPIM and MAPIC and Expo Real event.

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Announcement of the Portfolio conference in Vienna

15. June 2015

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

After the successful closing event of the  Portfolio Property Conference held in Bucharest on the 10th of June, the next conference is announced for Wednesday 23rd of September in Vienna, at the Park Royal Palace Hotel.
A series of specialized annual conferences organized by Portfolio in cooperation with RICS were launched last year  and it will continue throughout this year.
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MAPIC: New Trends, New Projects, New Business

19. October 2014

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

This year, MAPIC jubilee event will take place from 19th to 20th November. The 20 years old MAPIC, MIPIM�s younger brother, will celebrate its anniversary on the well-known location in Cannes on the Cote d'Azur, traditionally in mid-November.

At least in this part of the world, all professionals who work in the development of retail sector will be present at the Palais des Festivals and will additionally contribute to the grandness of this event. All indicators in Europe show a recovery of the retail sector and increasing demand in this domain. On the other hand, the impact of the crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions that were imposed on Russia, have a more psychological than a really negative impact on the further development of this sector in central Europe.

67 countries have already announced the presence of over 8300 participants, 685 exhibitors and 1400 representatives of significant brands. Besides that, there will inevitably be 2300 developers and over 980 investors. The organizers have announced the presence of 412 new brands that are present in the development of this sector.

Having in minds all these facts as well as growing demand in Southeast Europe, this MAPIC too should confirm the evident increase in, among other things, the interest for the development of the retail sector in Serbia. Several transactions were implemented in the last six months in this market (eg. purchase of the Shopping mall Plaza Shopping Center in Kragujevac).
There is a visible growing demand for sites where the development of retail parks in small towns in the interior is envisaged to happen, with the announcement of the start of the construction of a large shopping mall in Belgrade of 150.000m2 within the project "Belgrade Waterfront", all this additionally reinforcing and enhancing the demand. What is also expected is the softening of the stern banking conditions regarding the equity amount and the number of pre-contracts signed with tenants who are interested in the new locations of retail parks.

Local governments and developers with locations in Subotica, Sombor, Belgrade, Cacak, Zrenjanin and Kikinda, have already been identified to, with potential locations that have the potential and more than reasonable, on this year�s or the occasion of this year's MAPIC, finalize the transactions they were preparing for a long time.

This interest will definitely position Serbia at key place in the SEE region for the development of the retail sector. As things are now, this will be the first time that a greater number of representatives and professionals from Serbia will appear with their projects at MAPIC, after 2008, when there were 5 exhibitors and around 40 visitors from Serbia.

MAPIC: New Trends, New Projects, New Business

19. October 2014

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

S�verine Menut, MAPIC and MIPIM Sales Director in charge of the market in Scandinavia, the Baltic and Poland, during the Expo Real 2014 event, announced MIPIM UK premiere. As the organizer of specialized events, among other events dedicated to the development of real estate investments that are held in Cannes, Tokyo and Hong Kong, in a line of its products, Reed Midem will offer to the market such an event Europe. And it's taking place in London!

This year, for the first time in Britain, in the capital of the United Kingdom, a specialized garthering will be held at the prestigious Olympia, for the first time in Europe outside Cannes, and will additionally spotlight the selected local investment market. The UK real estate market has shown a particular vitality during the investing crisis, and in the meantime, all the indicators confirm the additional increase in the interest in investing in this market.

Therefore, as Ms. Menut said, this is an exceptional opportunity for a "known" market to be highlighted in a special way and additionally supported. Reed Midem is known fo having a strategy to support and further promote selected markets in the world. Thus, they initiated similar events in Hong Kong, related to the real estate markets of Asia and in Tokyo, related to the development of the real estate market in Japan.

Over 600 investors are expected and projects from more than UK 35 cities will be presented to more than 4000 participants. Having in mind these confirmations and certificates of success, the organizers have already scheduled the next event in the same place next year from October 21-23!

If you would like, you can see here a full statement of S�verine Menut, that was recorded during this year's Expo Real event in 2014 by the TV production company REMIX from Belgrade:

Expo Real, Munich, 6-8 October


Source: AG Real Estate

In the cool morning of the first Monday in October 2014, starting from 9 AM, the doors of the fair in Munich officially opened for all participants of Expo Real event. This was the seventeenth time that the Expo Real event, dedicated to the professionals dealing with investments into the real estate development took place.

This year 1655 exhibitors from 34 countries of the world have their presentations, and final effect of the visit will be known on Wednesday, 8th October around 4 PM. The top ten exhibitors countries are Germany (naturally on the first place), followed by Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, UK, Russia, Italy, USA, Luxembourg and Czech Republic.
This year as well Serbia had a booth, however, a modest one giving the current situation, although that should not be an excuse. Since SIEPA, VIP or BEOLAND, as the traditional representatives of the investment possibilities in Serbia failed to lead the presentation in Expo Real 2014, Banat Regional organization in charge of development gathered several municipalities for joint presentation.

Even with such �narrow geographical presentation� Serbia succeeded in keeping the continuity of the appearances, enabling further benefits to be realized through exhibitions and visits which Expo Real enables each year.
When it comes to former Yugoslav republics, now independent countries, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro have not exhibited at all. Bosnian FIPA, Slovenian JAPTI, nowadays �Invest in Slovenia� and a booth presenting the tourist investment possibilities in Zadar and surroundings, next to Banat are the only ones representing the Ex YU territories. In the next three days we shall see how Serbia is treated and valued as investment destination. We hope that Serbia will be better represented on the succeeding Expo Real, which will be held in period 5 - 7 October next year.

Ten more days to CEE Property Forum Vienna


Source: AG Real Estate

In the latest published content on the web site of this year's Portfolio CEE Property Forum, which will be held on September 25th at the Park Royal Palace in Vienna, the organizers have announced that the representatives of VIP - Vojvodina Investment & Promotion Agency from Novi Sad and the reputable law firm "Jankovic, Popovic & Mitic" from Belgrade, will be present as the participants of the Conference.

This is one more modest, but valuable confirmation of the quality of this event and the message that the professionals from Serbia need to visit this event. In the anticipation that in the next 10 days some more event applications will be sent from Serbia, we would like to announce that numerous companies that have their own business and investment operations in Serbia will be among the selected speaker and visitors. It will be another opportunity where you will be able to, with the representatives of these companies, discuss the possibilities for further continuation of business operations in Serbia.

The companies such as IMMOFINANZ, CA Immo, Bluehouse Capital and Zeus Capital deserve special attention. Of course, besides that, the superior management of renowned representatives of CBS International, Colliers, JLL and Cushman & Wakefield will contribute with their presence to a possibility to enjoy a high-quality discussion, proposing and initiating of mutual interest based partnership.

We believe that this is one in a series of events that will, together with RICS, in anticipation of the arrival of better investment time, having in mind all the obvious problems, indicate and announce all the allure and advantages, as well as cost-effectiveness, of certain segments of the investment ventures in the CEE region.


22 days to the beginning of EXPO REAL


Source: AG Real Estate

The final preparations for this year's Expo Real event are rapidly being completed. The visitors, those disciplined ones, have already bought the tickets and have scheduled their meetings with targeted partners. The exhibitors adjust their schedules of events and meetings, so that they are able to, on their stands in the three days, achieve the highest possible impact and make valuable and numerous contacts. The organizers are entering the last three weeks, where more or less everything is already prepared and published. There�s just enough time for those filigree touches that will enable this year's event to bring to all interested parties, positive effects that can not be achieved at any other similar event.

Remix Production TV crew from Serbia is also preparing for the road to go to EXPO REAL. We have already arranged for 11 terms for interviews with prestigious participants who will, like last year, when Remix Production visited EXPO REAL 2013 for the first time, answer our questions. We expect that the answers will like last year, provoke enough interest, not only of the audience in Serbia, but also the markets of the former Yugoslavia.

Believing that we do positive things, we invite all interested parties to contact us via and / or so that we can better prepare and record, and after this year's EXPO REAL publish, together with you, our video works.

Although Serbia doesn�t have its own stand this year, we will try to convey the expectations and attitudes of the selected and recommended professionals regarding the quality of business expectations that the real estate market in Serbia and the region provide, just like we did last year. In the meantime, until the beginning of this year's EXPO REAL event, we would like to remind our clients and viewers, of the selected last year�s statements that we have published. We would like to re-emphasize and remind of the fact that were published last year.

It will be an opportunity to offer a comparison of last year's and this year's statements, to present to our audience some facts and information that we believe will in the forthcoming period, be of use in making key decisions for the realization of their business in Serbia and the region.

In anticipation of the beginning of this year's EXPO REAL event, the seventeenth in a row, we would like also to remind you of the last year�s atmosphere though we only recorded its segments:

We expect that this year we will be even better, that our works willbe even more visited and viewed more than last year.

See you at the EXPO REAL 2014!��������������������


CEE Property Forum, Vienna


Source: AG Real Estate

The autumn season of specialized events dedicated to the development of real estate investments, commences with the CEE Property Forum 2014. The attendance of about 300 professionals from CEE is expected at hotel Park Royal Palace in Vienna, on Thursday 25th September. This will be the second CEE Property Forum; the first one was held in Belgrade on 29th May this year, in Hotel Metropol.

Organized by Portfolio Media group and with the partnership support of RICS, there will be a one-day meeting of professionals who do business in the target markets, which belong to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

Apart from the regular and expected topics, what will be specially emphasized in this year's program of the Portfolio CEE Property Forum, are the topics related to the development of the real estate investments in the CEE region, affected by the political crisis in Ukraine. The particular discussion that is being expected is the one on the influence of the introduction of the EU economic sanctions to Russia and how this fact will reflect on the further development of investments in the CEE region.

It is interesting to note that Serbia is the only targeted thematic market that is not in the specified geographical whole. Consequently and in such manner, the confirmed growing investment potential of Serbian real estate market is being identified.

The offered announcement already lists the key speakers and provides the expected composition of the audience. The key names of representative companies and their representatives from the region in the announcement of the event also indicate an absolute success.

For further information, please click here.

IV Regional Real Estate Conference, Ljubljana


Source: AG Real Estate

This year in Ljubljana, a new round of regional meetings of professionals engaged in the real estate development on the territories of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia is about to begin on 2nd and 3rs October. The process which was initialized in December 2012, turned two rounds from Ljubljana to Zagreb and Belgrade. FIABCI Slo, Filipovic and REBECare the three points in the yearly gathering route that for the third time is starting in October in Ljubljana.

Finally in its maturing phase, a conviction that business linking of professionals from these three markets creates in qualitatively and quantitatively high manner the basis and route for mutual interest-oriented collaboration, is becoming even stronger. Three relatively geographically close markets, but absolutely different with each other in this time of crisis definitively oriented, are creating a mutual network in a persistent, thorough and tendentious way.

It will be again an opportunity to exchange views that emerged during the up-to-now period, to launch new and identify existing business interests. This year's apparent advancement in April in Zagreb, formed by joining professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was repeated in Belgrade at this year's REBEC, continues in Ljubljana. And so the presence of professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina will make its first round, passing through all three points of regional business cooperation.

According to the published program, it can be concluded that the organizers have made an extra effort to make the program more diverse and in accordance with the current situation in the region.

A stronger visit is expected from Croatia and Serbia, which therefore additionally confirms the quality of the pioneer vision offered and shown in December 2012 in Ljubljana.

On the following link you can see last year's round table III of the regional conference:

All additional information can be found at: &

See you in Ljubljana, 2nd and 3rd October in the BTC City, Bratislavska cesta 8!

XVII EXPO REAL, 6-8 October, Munich


Source: AG Real Estate

This year, as usual, on the first Monday in October, the doors of the fair in Munich are officially opened for all participants of EXPO REAL event. For the seventeenth time in a row, the Bavarian capital will gather top-quality professionals who deal with the development of the real estate investments. It will be again, the annual global pilgrimage to the square Willy Brandt and Olof Palme street. These are the synonymous terms for the central area around penultimate, Eastern underground metro station on line U2, which is also the western entrance to the Trade Fair in Munich. Looking back in time, for several years now EXPO REAL is the place where six halls are leased and on around 70.000m2 of exhibition space, well prepared business opportunities and chances are being presented, in search for future partners at the Munich investment market. The participants in this event will again have the opportunity to watch the three-day dead heat between the EXPO REAL and MIPIM. It is indicative that the organizers of MIPIM and MAPIC, RED MIDEEM, are organizing this year a MIPIM UK premiere in London Olympia, only a week later EXPO REAL , which will be an additional feature to the traditional dead heat. For all these reasons, the organizers of this year's EXPO REAL event have tried to in the accompanying conference program, offer an even higher level of more international stories related to the real estate development. You can already see that there are many more topics related to territory and markets outside of Europe. America once again takes its place, the United Arab Emirates market will be presented, Asia Pacific regions also, but, indicative and intentionally, Russia again will cause additional interest

And that's just in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine and announced tightening of Europe and the United States economic sanctions of the Russian economy and population. In addition, England goes back into focus and remains a stable investment market with a small but steady income and profits. Turkey, Poland as representative of the CEE region, Romania in front of the SEE region, Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries will show their investment opportunities. That is altogether, a full circle of presenting of the selected most attractive and most interesting markets on the Investment Location Forum.

Of course, in addition, the visitors will traditionally have the opportunity to satisfy their interests in the Planning & Partnership Forum, EXPO REAL Forum and Special Real Estate Forum. The organizers have decided to further meet the exhibitors� needs and interests, so they have already published on Exhibition Events Forum, the schedule and booth numbers where the exhibitors will organize cocktails during presentations and interviews, which are expected to further attract the attention of the investment public.

Several years ago, the duration of the traditional Oktoberfest was extended to last during that first Monday when EXPO REAL opens its doors, so this has additionally ??made the hustle and raised occupancy accommodation facilities in and around Munich.

As things are now, Serbia, for the first time since 2003, does not have an EXPO REAL booth to serve as its national exhibition place of the investment opportunities, but the visit of individual professionals from Serbia will certainly be more noticeable. In such a way, we will probably, modestly, contribute that this year�s visit exceeds the figure of 37,000 visitors. That would be a new record in further EXPO REAL development.� ��������������������


Arrival of Hilton and Merriot in Belgrade


Source: AG Real Estate

This year's REBEC in its conceptual and development program has confirmed the validity of it�s orientation.�Analyzing the variety of speakers and topics that they have presented on 13 panels on the current situation of the Real Estate market in Serbia and the region, confirms the conclusions spelled out some time ago.�After just a month of the end of REBEC 2011th�topics related to retail, hotel development, project management, sustainable construction and energy efficiency with the standard and expected interesting topics on housing construction, development of business activities on the valuation of real estate, actualize the new information much faster and better than expected.�Although it�s the summer period and the holiday season, it is obvious that the time has come for the ultimate realization of certain activities and procedures.�As confirmation of this on the market have emerged the uncontested facts and information about new projects and ventures. "Association of Appraisers of Serbia" is formed , and it will offer education and licensing procedures of local appraisers of all kinds.�This process in its further development will ultimately define the scope and content of local standards for the evaluation of assets and capital that will absolutely correspond with The International accepted standards.� One of the specialized companies that manage project with domestic and foreign denomination has decided that in the framework of its activity appear as a general contractor for one foreign investor, this is not a novelty in the world .Also, another company decided to establish in Belgrade it�s regional center, which will cover the geographical markets of the countries that are already in the European Union.� In terms of themes related to energy efficiency and sustainable construction are more numerous announcements and maintenance of specialized courses of authoritative associations, which will provide its students by acquiring and adopting new knowledge, also some kind of certification of this knowledge. In the retail market in Serbia, which is mainly related to "trade" and not production, just before REBEC 2011th�started the project in Novi Sad from 30.000m2.�Also it is announced the beginning of the development projects of the same purposes in Central Serbia, as confirmed by an investment partnership for a chosen location in Sabac with foreign partners.�At least three mix use project are being developed in Belgrade, the retail is the center around which the content will appear as "bower" develop the use of other purposes such as offices and apartments But right now, certainly the most valuable information related to the development of hotel industry in Serbia, is a confirmed information that a prestigious hotel chains like Hilton and Merriot have selected local partners and locations for its first project in Belgrade.�On the stretch from Slavija to Kalemegdan these chains will now have one its structure,Hilton will be a complete greenfield venture and Merriot will be implemented through the adaptation and reconstruction of the existing building.�Bearing in mind that very soon will restart the project of reconstruction of Metropol and the start of reconstruction the hotel Yugoslavia.�In addition to the hotel industry started construction in Block 11a in New Belgrade and hotels in Mostarska petlja, with the expectation that construction of yet another hotel in New Belgrade next to Arena will start. All this represents yet another confirmation that this years two panels linked to the development of hotel�industry on REBEC in 2011.�has confirmed expectations that the hotel industry at this moment is the most recommended and most attractive type of property that is in these times of crisis can develop unhindered.� As for the housing sector in turn its development will essentially continue to be conditioned by potential economic powers that rule this moment in the market and are related to potential buyers.� Greater offer opportunity to attract more customers able to overthrow the potentially serious encourage the purchase price of the square.�Banks with still restrictive policy conditions that each entry of entrepreneurs to interested investment banks to support the development of larger blocks or housing projects or prospects in a way still solvent to obtain the loan.� The only advantage that is now ruling the market of real estate development, is the fact that the price performance over the previous period and continues on a downward mode, but the amount of the price that this segment is not sufficient to lower the overall price per square meter.�Prices of equipment location remain the same but still benefits from the current 50% for advance payment of utilities and there is an insufficient number of entrepreneurs who are able to arange it.�Also the current market situation is not enough "hard" to serious investors to reduce the projected margin sales price per square meter of residential construction, so it may be acceptable.� It just means that there comes a time when all participants in the development of this segment of real estate may jointly define a new business conditions.�These will be some new requirements in all areas that touch and reflect the development of real esate absolute and / or fully edited.�Then the other segments of the market and in particular those related to industrial and retail real estate, these segments further encourage investment.� It remains to be seen in late summer when the current rules be re-analysed, confirmation or negate all of the above, but in October at the upcoming EXPO REAL 2011th�Fair again be able to compare the situation and potential development capacity of real estate in Serbia.� ��������������������

Real Vienna 2011 and REBEC 2011

26. maj. 2011.

Source: AG Real Estate 2011

At the recently completed Real Vienna event, the publisher of Real Estate AG and organizer of REBEC, Festlent Ltd. one of the exhibitors affiliated national stand of Serbia, which was organized in Hall D Opportunities Fair in Vienna, had well-received appearance at the event, through three inter-related actions. New edition of AG Real Estate magazine was presented, and to all exhibitors renewed leaflet of announcement of REBEC 2011 was shared.�
The third and perhaps the most important thing is the participation of chief editor of AG property and Rebec director, Opsenica Alexander as speakers on the panel theme related to the development of hotel and tourism industry.�
The emphasis was on development of the Adriatic coast as a great investment destination in the hotel and tourism facilities but keeping in mind the context of topics expanded geographical aspect of the discussion and the potential in Serbia. Panel moderator was Mr. Gerhard Rodler, publisher and editor of Real Estate magazine IMMOflasha specialized television that tracks issues related to real estate development, and as a speaker Vachar Pierre, director of Jupiter Adria AG, developer who is now in the development of six tourist hotel facilities on the Croatian coast and Mr. Otmar Michaeler, CEO in the Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group who officially laid the fundament of his first mix use project (hotel and office complex) last Friday in Belgrade in Block 11A which was conceived by Prof. Boris Podrecca.�
It is interesting to note that the general conclusion is that the market of Serbia is quite highly ranked and the efforts of administration to invest in infrastructure, education, and facilitate faster arrival of interested investors in Serbia, particularly those who are involved in the development of hotel and tourism industry. But also in mutual discussion, the speaker concluded that though the whole region nasg ot an unclear and uncompleted strategy for the development of this segment, because as he said Mr. Michaeler, differences in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro does not exist regarding the duration of licenses and increase efficiency in all activities of local administrations should repent their promptness to assist the efforts of investors. The performance of our representative, the only speaker from Serbia on this years conference program, Real Vienna 2011 is a practical introduction to an agreement with PKF fnalni Hotelexpert-s from Vienna, the strongest company in hotel development and following consultation, to formulate this year's partnership in terms of programming for this years REBEC events related to the organization of two panels on the development of hotel and tourism facilities in Serbia and the region. If we only mention speakers who are representatives from companies such as ImmoRent, and Residor Accor hotels, Soravia-E, CMS and especially representative of the project PortoMontenegra which is developing a Four Seasons hotel and one of the Vice Presidents of Kempnisky group, then you really need to ask whether the quality of the famous names and their most prestigious representatives further emphasize the potential of Serbia for the development of hotels and tourist facilities? In addition, meanwhile, a confirmation has arrived that on one of these panels Goran Petkovic Ph. D, Secretary of State for Tourism in Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, will take part.�

According to our sources, next Wednesday will be published confirmed speakers which will only raise further interest of representatives from region, to participate at this year's REBEC events.
REBEC 2011

PROPRIO � INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT FAIR IN SLOVENIA 23 and 24 March 2011 Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (Gospodarsko razstavi��e, Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Source: AG Real Estate

In late March (23 and 24 March 2011) will be held the second international real estate and investment fair in Slovenia � PROPRIO. It is the perfect opportunity for all those working in the field of real estate and investments to get together in one single place and be able to provide the interested public with all relevant information on real estate buying, selling, renting, and restoring. Visitors have the opportunity to get first hand information on everything essential for a quality real estate transaction. The fair will present Slovenian and international agencies dealing with real estate development, developers of investment projects, regional developement agencies with investment projects, companies offering real estate mediation, economic and legal counselling, construction, geodetic and engineering companies, architecture bureaux, insurance companies, banks, and others who are active in the field of real estate development business. Proprio has also many parallely organized presentations, promotions and discussions with educational character. The Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments of Slovenia will give advices on how to present projects to foreign investors in a suitable way, a partner from Serbia will present Slovenian projects already realized in Serbia, The Association for Green Building of Slovenia (DSG) will dedicate Thursday�s programme to green builders. This year�s novelty is represented by the exhibition �Let�s build lastingly, let�s work in harmony with nature�, in the frame of which reference works from green building will be presented by DSG.

Increased interest concerning real estate investments in South Eastern Europe!


Source: AG Real Estate

Investors are very interested in real estate investments in the region of South Eastern Europe, which has great potential and provides a great return of capital. This is also obvious from the interest of many companies from Macedonia and the region to participate at the REAL EX Skopje 2011 - The first exhibition for real estate and investments. Investments in real estate in Europe, especially in the region of South Eastern Europe, show an increase in the last year. The report of the company Jones Lang Lasalle has shown that direct investment in the European real estate market reached 20.6 billion euros in 2010, 68 percent more than last year. The turnover on the real estate market in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the data of CB Richard Ellis, has in the last year, compared to 2009, increased by 90 percent to five billion euros. "The real estate market is getting out of the crisis and is now ready for new investments, the continuation of stopped and the launch of new residential, business, commercial, administrative and tourist projects. In this respect our platform REAL EX provides an excellent opportunity for development and investment, as well as for a direct increase of sales", said the director of Leoron for SEE, Mr. Igor �u�kov. REAL EX, organized by the Leoron group from Dubai, a company specialized in creating, organizing and marketing of business events, will be held from March 1st to March 5th 2011 in the Metropolis Arena at the Skopje Fair, along with the traditional building fair. The REAL EX 2011 fair, which will be traditional event, includes a five-day exhibition and sales part, where real estate buyers and sellers will be present together with potential investors, banks and real estate agencies, municipalities, as well as architectural and design studios. Presenting their projects and facilities to a wide audience, the exhibitors will significantly increase the direct sales as well as sales opportunities, shorten the time for the return of investments, and at the same time have the opportunity for meetings and contacts with leaders in the real estate market in the region, experts, as well as a large number of clients, partners and potential investors. At the REAL EX Skopje 2011 a two-day Conference for investments and real estate will be organized, where some fifty experts from Europe, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States (USA) will discuss the modern trends and innovations in the real estate sector. The jury will select the best projects and companies which will receive the REAL EX Awards for the year 2011 at the gala event. All other details about this event can be found at:

PROPRIO � FIRST INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT FAIR IN SLOVENIA, March 26. - 27. 2010, Gospodarsko razstavi��e, Ljubljana, Slovenia


In late March (26. and 27. March 2010) will be held the first international real estate and investment fair in Slovenia � PROPRIO. Original PROPRIO is basically fair manifestation with many parallely organized presentations, promotions and discussions that will have educational character. The fair will present the Slovenian and international agencies dealing with real estate development, brokerage companies that offer mediation in the area of real estate lending and acquisitions, economic and legal counseling, investors, building surveying and engineering companies, banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other actors who are active in the field of real estate development business. Knowing that there is a big crisis in the field of real estate development, organizers evaluate that this area is yet to be judged as the most dynamic and most interesting segment of the economy. This will be an opportunity to all interested professionals who deal with a wide range of activities in the field of real estate development to exchange relevant information in mutual communication and initiate new partnerships in the field of buying, selling, renting, renovation and property insurance.

5. Ekspertski forum


Source: AG Real Estate

5. Experts Forum
Regioplan Consulting is organizing the fifth Experts Forum in Vienna, on 29th October 2009, this year under the title: "CEE/SEE Markets: Did We Come to Stay?�
RegioPlan Consulting is an international consultant with head office in Vienna specialized on location consulting and market analyses in Austria and Eastern Europe. For over 25 years Regioplan has been the business consultant of Ikea, Marionnaud, Deichmann, Rodamco Europe, ECE, Bank Austria Real Invest, and many other companies on the issues of location, consumers, trade and market in Austria and CEE/SEE. Having carried out more than 3,000 studies in 24 European countries, Regio-plan is the absolute address for interregional and international surveys. For more than 10 years Re-gioplan Consulting has been organizing own conferences and seminars that have become the must-attend events in real estate business.
At the beginning of the year, prior to Real Vienna, with approximately 350 participants, the greatest Regioplan�s conference takes place: The Shopping Center Symposia whose 11th edition has per-formed this year. Tops experts give lectures and reports on development and trends in the shopping center landscape in Austria and Eastern Europe. In autumn, the Experts Forum that has firmly es-tablished as the largest CEE real estate coference in Austria takes place for the 5th time this year. The conference performs in German and English languages.
The 5th Experts Forum theme addresses the current economic situation in CEE/SEE region and the resulting consequences for the investors, project operators and developers, top executives from retail trade industry and service providers. Many people put a question mark over the potential fu-ture markets in the CEE/SEE region. Was is the right decision to focus on those markets? How do trade, investors and developers deal with the current situation and what is coming next? New sce-narios and tangible ideas for positive development are in demand more than ever. Distinguished companies debate on acquired experiences, prospects for the future and, above all, how to launch the projects worth of investments and/or what projects can be financed at all.
In Vienna, on 29th October, many famous people will gather to exchange views about the future of the CEE market, get into touch and closer contacts and find new ideas. On the platform will be: Dr. Bruno Ettenauer (CA Immo International AG), KommR. Prof. Alfons Metzger FRICS CRE (MRG Metzger Realit�ten), Roger Hambidge BA MRICS (Mosaic Property LLP), Mag. Wolfgang Mitterberger (Raiffeisen Zentralbank �sterreich AG), Per Wendschlag (Inter IKEA Shopping Centre Group), Mar-kus Pinggera (Deichmann SchuhvertriebgesmbH), Alexander Korosec (Bestseller Handels GmbH), DI Wolfgang Richter (RegioPlan Consulting GmbH), etc.

Serbian representatives at EXPO Italia 2009

Source: AG Real Estate

EXPO Italia 2009 was held between June 9 and 12 in Milan. It was the fourth issue of the manifestation, which is also known as EIRE, that is, Expo Italia Real Estate. EIRE is the event that is dedicated to real estate development achievements. It was organized at a different time than the last year, so that Real Vienna and EXPO Italia finally took place at different times. The increase in number of visitors and larger exhibition space than at the last year�s issue of EIRE already showed how long-sighted and effective that move was. This expo is primarily intended for Italian investors who, first of all, want to present their latest achievements, as well as to get potential developers interested in presenting their projects and ideas at this exhibition in Milan, that is, at �this real estate stock exchange�. Some of the �interesting� markets whose appearance at this year�s EIRE drew the attention of visitors are Brasil, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Turkey. Turks especially stood out in the search for fresh investment capital, and they also benefited from the official visit of Turkish Prime Minister who, by visiting the national booth of Turkey, drew additional attention to their appearance and potentials for further development of Turkish real estate market.
As far as Serbia and promotion of its existing potentials related to real estate development are concerned, once again we did not have any exhibitors at EIRE. But that was the reason for initiation of a campaign for presentation of 4 projects whose quality, scope, nature of future use and expected engineering activities make them recommendable for future investment partnerships. That is why a mini presentation of projects by East Point, Port Beograd, Rudnap Group and Right Choice was organized. Judging from the first impressions, the presentation was excellent.
The representative of forthcoming REBEC used the visit to EIRE to get its hosts familiar with the details of this year�s programme, as well as with the contents and editorial policy of specialized magazine AG Real Estate. It can already be concluded that the quality of appearance of selected projects from Serbia at next year�s issue will be very high. After a three-year break, that will be an opportunity for Serbian real estates to, once again, draw attention of the investors who visit EIRE in Milan every year!

The First BLOK Conference Dedicated to Architecture and Construction Took Place

Source: AG Real Estate

Models of project financing, energy efficient and healthy buildings, influence of quality construction to property value, dominant tendencies in aesthetic design, the greatest challenges in construction performance on contemporary facilities, problems that the architects face at facilities reconstructions � are only a part of the themes to which the experts were answering during BLOK Conference which took place at Zira Hotel in Belgrade on Thursday, 4 June.
At the first Architecture and Real Estate Conference BLOK, distinguished experts from Denmark (Andreas Klok Pedersen, BIG), Great Britain (Ken Allinson, Architectural Dialogue; Victoria Thornton, Open House), Singapore (Dr Ru�ica Bo�ovi� Stamenovi�, National University of Singapore), and also from the region and Serbia (Sa�a Begovi�, 3LHD, Zagreb; Vladislav Ili�, Smith Hodgkinson; Richard Hazell, Colliers International; Danijela Ili�, Operational Center of Asset Valuers; Marija S. Todorovi�, VEA; Milan Dimitrijevi�, architect; Olivera Bla�i�, architect) gave their presentations.
�We initiated BLOK Conference with a desire to set this field in motion and promote it. Quality construction is important for the professionals in this industry, but even more for daily life of the citizens. We are sure that already the first BLOK will contribute to standards enhancement in architecture and construction, and we plan to make this conference a traditional gathering of experts and the place for exchange of experience with the leading world experts in architecture, design and construction�, stated Sne�ana Markovi�, Director of the company �Projemetal� who organized this conference.
BLOK Conference was opened on 3 June with the presentation of the book �ZIRA CONCEPT BUILDING�, the first book on a contemporary facility in Belgrade, and the exhibition dedicated to adaptation of Robne Ku�e Beograd. The project RKB Reconstruction, one of the most complex assignments in our construction engineering, was performed by company �Projmetal� simultaneously protecting the familiar brand of Robne ku�e Beograd and designing the appearance and technology of the most state-of-the-art facilities.


Source: Source BINA09 Tim

Belgrade International Architecture Week 2009 (BINA �09) � titled simply RE... as an indicator of this year�s theme � is dedicated to the crucial issue of the relationship to the existing urban and architectural surroundings and possibilities of its permanent REproduction, actively involved in the projects for the future. The desire of the organizers is to revise the traditional concepts of REconstruction and REvitalization of the cultural heritage, mainly controlled by stiff methodologies promoted by lethargic institutions, suggesting new concepts that can help REgeneration and REintegration of the existing architectural framework into the lively contemporary practice. The theme of sustainable development and urban REcycling has been widely discussed in technologically advanced countries conscious of the fact that the racing powers of modernity have to be correlated to the inherited values. New generations of architects have started REthinking the potentials of their immediate surroundings in a more delicate manner than could be seen at the glamorous achievements of ��starchitects�� who often forget to consider all the layers and qualities of the inherited context in favour of celebrating their own brands and requirements of the investors. The aim it to find and present the new way of thinking by those who argue for REaffirmation of the inherited REsources in the service of creativity and who pay attention to RE... in spite of the requests of investors, blinded by an easy profit expressed in square meters as much as aspirations for a ��wow-effect�� architecture, but also argue against administrative norms invented by promoters of bureaucratized pseudo-tradition.
Belgrade International Week of Architecture 2009 will gather again various professionals involved in REthinking of urban context, various generations who will share old ideas with the new ones, and representatives from different countries who will highlight the trends and experiences from their specific surroundings. The ambition of this year�s Week is to encourage theoretical thinking and open public debates in service of a fertile practice within real activities: planning, designing and realization. It is expected that such exchange of knowledge and ideas will generate new visions for the REanimation of the already existing architectural environment and of future projects open for a dialogue with the already existing domain. As before, Architecture Week �09 is open both to professionals and the broad public to whom it will present and approach, apart from this year�s specific theme RE..., the recent accomplishments in the field of architecture and urban planning from the domestic and international scene. Like in previous years, the program of the Week includes exhibitions, lectures, guded walking tours, workshops, films, seminars and roundtables. With a belief that this Architecture Week will gather people of good will and open attitudes, experts and connoisseurs, as well as citizens, enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge and ideas, the organizers cordially invite us all to joint them.
For more details:

Real Vienna 2009

Source: AG Real Estate

At real estate and investment expo "Real Vienna 2009", which was held in Vienna between May 26 and 28, over 240 exhibitors from 24 countries presented themselves at 16,000 square meters of exhibition space. In addition to world-renowned investment funds, banks, building companies and specialized business magazines, cities, countries and regions were also presented at the expo. General estimates are that, although the presented projects were excellent, investors still wait for the right moment to get in action.
Company "Verano Group" had independent and very noticed appearance. "Verano Group" owns over 500,000 square meters of space under construction and more than 600,000 square meters of space for further development of first-class office space in Belgrade and Serbia, intended for sale or lease. The projects that this company presented in Austrian capital city are: exclusive office space "B23 Office Park" � the first building of AAA class in the region, "Department Stores Beograd" � the largest chain of department stores in the country, "Zira Center", "Tro�arina Shopping Mall", and "Brdo Shopping City" � the first retail park in Belgrade.
Investments in Serbia were also the theme of the panel discussion that was held on the first day of the expo. One of the speakers at that panel was Krsta Sandi�, the Vice President of "Verano Group". When asked what he would recommend to investors as far as investments in Serbia are concerned, Mr. Sandi� said that it would definitely be commercial office space.
At the cocktail party that was organized at the booth of "Verano Group", which was attended by Dragan Veliki�, the Ambassador of Serbia to Austria, and his associates, investors, businessmen from Serbia and around the world, the representatives of SIEPA, which also had independent appearance in the exhibition, and the representatives of media companies from Serbia and the region, general opinion was that the exhibition was an excellent opportunity for establishment of contacts between the companies that present their projects and those that advise on best investment opportunities, the result of which should be concrete business arrangements.
By the way, �Real Vienna" is famous for top-design expensive booths and equipment. The Management of "Real Vienna" gave the highest mark to the presentation of company "Verano Group".
- This year�s participants showed their creativity and presented fantastic projects. The booth of Serbian "Verano Group" took us to some other dimension and made us believe that we are at the sea and that there is a glass ship near us. This impressive structure successfully united the symbols of expectations for the future and merged this dimension with the realistic position, which is the most important for successful realization of business � said Vera Gastberger, one of the managers of "Real Vienna".

Announcement for REBEC 2009


Source: Media Press Center, Belgrade, May 21st, 2009,

At today�s press conference, the organizers of REBEC announced the forthcoming event to the public. Having presented a short analysis of results from the last year�s premiere, which was held between June 23 and 25, the Director of REBEC event, Aleksandar Opsenica, announced this year�s events.
In the modern premises of Centre �Sava�, between June 22 and 24, after the fashion of similar traditional specialized manifestations in Europe and the world, REBEC will this year offer two-day conference (June 23 and 24) and accompanying three-day exhibition (June 22, 23 and 24) to the public. Having in mind the needs for comprehensive consideration and presentation of the current state of real estate development in Serbia, as well as in the region in certain segments, according to the last year�s concept, which proved to be very successful, the conference will comprise 7 panel discussions (four on the first day and 3 on the second day). In addition to expected themes related to city planning, greenfield and brownfield investments, the state of capital market related to real estate development support, analysis of situation and prospects of modern office space development, hidden potentials in application of PPP model in Serbia, as well as legal prospects, special panel discussions about hotel industry development in Serbia and the region and the panel discussion about broader scope of operations related to supply of project management services to the investors in Serbia will be offered to the public for the first time this year. The organizers especially pointed to confirmed participation of Carlton Ervin, Vice President, Marriott International Inc, Sa�a Golubovi� from Cushman & Wakefield Hospitality, EMEA, Chris Davidson from Merrill Lynch International from London, Denis Petkovi�, Partner in Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP from London, as well as Bryan Beaton from Belgrade-based Office of King Sturge Ltd. When it comes to local speakers, participation has, so far, been confirmed by Marko Mi�anovi�, Partner in Altis Capital Ltd., Nenad Stankovi� from legal office Joksovi�, Stojanovi� and Partners, Vladimir Djeli� from legal office Bo�ovi�, Djeli� & Ivkovi�, and Jovan Jovanovi�, Country Manager, Danos Ltd.
One of the improvements in regard to the previous events will be the expanded programme of events within the exhibition part of REBEC. There will be three specialized discussions whose themes are: state and prospects of facility management development, residential development, and retail space development. On the final day of all REBEC events, the retrospective of investment projects and investment ideas that drew the greatest interest of users of web portal eKapija in 2008 will be presented to the guests and participants. This event will put an end to the programme at this year�s REBEC, and the announcement of REBEC 2010 will follow.

First phase of construction of cargo-logistic center in Airport in Ni�

Source: AG Real Estate

Austrian company �Eyemaxx�, backed by fund �Chayton Capital�, held the presentation of one of the largest projects in the region in the Chamber of Commerce of Ni�, and promoted an excellent vision that includes investments in development of the airport complex and the city of Ni� itself. The commencement of realization of the largest logistic and commercial cargo center, in the location next to airport �Konstantin Veliki� in Ni�, has been scheduled for June 2009.

The cargo center complex covers the area of about 260,000 square meters, and construction of about 136,000 square meters of the facilities that meet the highest standards is in the pipeline. In addition to distributive facilities, the project anticipates development of business facilities, shopping centre, hotel, as well as other contents that will be in accordance with European standards for the projects of that type. The offices of �Colliers International� in Belgrade and Ni� are the leading lease agents for the space in the future project. The possibility of distribution of goods by air, road and rail will create excellent opportunities for local and regional development. In favor of that is also the fact that the construction of such complex, facilities, infrastructure and junctions will require engagement of large number of local companies, which means that a lot of people will get reliable jobs. According to the estimates, this investment worth 62m EUR will enable employment of about 500 people.

�Delta City� � the best mid-sized shopping mall in Europe


Source: AG Real Estate

�Delta City� has been declared as the best shopping mall in Europe in the category of new shopping malls of medium size. The most significant award in field of commercial properties was granted to �Delta City� by the jury of the International Council of Shopping Centers � ICSC. Sla�ana Lazi�, the Marketing Director of company �Delta Real Estate� received this award in Barcelona. �Delta City� occupies the surface of 85,000 square meters, and it was opened at the end of year 2007. The investment was worth 74m EUR, and it created jobs for 1,500 people.

�VIP developers�

Source: AG Real Estate

Five new departments will be formed within the City Planning Secretariat of Belgrade, and one of the most significant will be the sector for facilities at more than 20,000 square meters and the investments of public importance of over 20m RSD. The Secretariat will also comprise an information department for VIP investors, which will receive special treatment when it comes to issuing of building permits. The transformation is a response to frequent complaints of the investors who claim that that city organ is not efficient enough and that the building permits are granted selectively, which obstructs significant investments in Belgrade.

Israeli to have shopping mall built in Novi Sad

Source: AG Real Estate

Israeli group "Big CEE" (Big Central European Estates Group) will have 70m EUR worth of trade center built in Novi Sad prior to the beginning of year 2010. The shopping center of 30,000 square meters will be constructed in the lot at 90,000 square meters along Sentandrejski road. About 1,000 people from Novi Sad will be engaged in the works on construction of that facility, which should commence prior to the end of year 2009. The completion of the works is expected in 2010.

�Ultimate holdings� offers new quality of life in the country

Source: AG Real Estate

Spacious house that is organized to your taste, modernly furnished, with wine cellar, large yard and swimming pool, surrounded by greenery and insulated from noise, and only about 30 minutes of driving away from the center of Belgrade or Novi Sad. That is how the new concept of residence, presented by English Investment Fund �Ultimate Holdings� and consulting company �Wolf&McGill� to the market in Serbia, looks like. The first few out of about 200 houses in the current portfolio will be offered to the potential buyers at the end of March.

The prices of houses range between 18,000 and 79,000 EUR. One can buy the house at 120 square meters, with complete infrastructure and paved approach lane, for as low as 30,000 EUR. One of the best houses in the offer is the one at 160 square meters in Dobrinci, which is situated in the building lot of 3.3 acres and has no accompanying premises, barn and wine cellar. That facility, with swimming pool, costs 51,000 EUR. The representatives of "Ultimate holdings" said that they believed that the current infrastructural problems in Serbia, primarily traffic network, would soon be resolved, and that "Ultimate living" concept � the living outside the city � would become dominant in the real estate market. English "Ultimate Asset", a part of �Ultimate Holdings", which is present in Serbia for about 3.5 years, runs investment fund "Argent", while "Wolf&McGill" is the investment adviser of "Ultimate Asset" in the markets of Serbia and Montenegro.

Trade centre �Ivanium� opened in Balkanska Street in Belgrade

Source: AG Real Estate

New trade centre "Ivanium" has been opened in 18 Balkanska Street in Belgrade. It encompasses 105 outlets that offer clothing for kids and adults, jewelry, haberdashery, as well as pharmacy and exchange office. Boutiques with branded clothing by famous creators for men and women, kid�s clothing and gear, jewelry, �gift shop� and leather goods can be found in this trade center. There is also an Indian shop for lovers of oriental culture. The facility will include a conference hall with 50 seats, which will be equipped with the state-of-the-arts technology. Luxury four-star hotel and bar restaurant "Privilegija" is situated next to the trade centre. Wellness spa centre �Prestige� with Turkish bath, sauna and massage room will be settled on the lowest floor of the trade centre.

�Ocean Atlantic International� to invest 80m EUR

Source: AG Real Estate

The Board members of the City Assembly of Novi Sad have adopted a significant decision that will enable quicker development of the city, while the citizens will get cleaner and healthier environment. Namely, construction of a modern trade center in former industrial zone, only 2 km away from the centre of Novi Sad, has been made possible by the change in the Detailed Land-utilization Plan. The new trade centre at 39,000 square meters will be the first and the largest shopping mall in the province. The investor is international company "Ocean Atlantic International", which will invest 80m EUR and create about 1,500 new jobs in Serbia, and it will also bring the experience from the world�s most developed markets to our country. According to the investor�s expectations, construction of the trade centre should start before the end of year 2009.

Completion of seventh building in APC complex


Source: AG Real Estate

The seventh building, out of total of 14 that should be built within business complex �Airport City� in New Belgrade prior to year 2014, has been officially opened. Construction of this building took only 10 months. The facility has 10 floors and it is 45 meters high. The new clients will be offered total of 13,200 square meters of office space in this building. There are 200 parking places around this business facility.
This business complex is being built in the location of deserted old airport, and about 72,000 out of projected 186,000 square meters of office space have been finished to the date. Construction of the announced technical building, four residential facilities and two towers that will be situated alongside Omladinskih Brigada Boulevard is still in the pipeline. One of these two towers will be a hotel, while the other will be a business building.

March 11th - MIPIM 2009


Source: AG Real Estate

This year MIPIM celebrates its 20th anniversary of existence. Having in mind the current financial situation in the world, this jubilee has special meaning. As the organizers of this trade fair (Reed Midem) announced, the arrival of about 20,000 delegates of investors, developers, hotel operators and end-users of real estates is expected. There will also be over 600 journalists from all over the world.
Of all former countries of SFRY, Serbia will have the largest number of delegates at this year�s event. From their base at the booth of Beoland, over 60 delegates from Serbia will send a quality message to the world about the current state of the real estate development in Serbia and their future expectations. The projects on the Danube within Port �Beograd� and the development projects of Rudnap Group and MPC Properties will be presented on that occasion. Mayor �ilas has also confirmed his participation in the meeting of mayors that will gather 80 of them from all around the world.
It can be freely said that the exceptional quality of the central and accompanying programmes at this year�s MIPIM will compensate for smaller number of visitors. The most acknowledged professionals are invited to present current situation in the world in a worthwhile manner at the conference, while the announced arrival of world-renowned architects, such as Zahe Hadid, Thom Mayne and Professor Wolf Prix, should additionally enrich this year�s event.
The next MIPIM will take place between March 16 and 19, 2010!

Danos & Associates in Serbia


Source: AG Real Estate

Danos & Associates represents one of the leading real estate companies at global level, and it offers wide assortment of services, including investment consulting and representation services, through its offices in Athens, Salonika, Nycosia and Limasol. As an international respectable real estate consulting company, Danos Group has developed huge database of service users during 40 years of work, including public sector, financial institutions, market chains, corporate clients, private investors and other users of services. By providing professional services to their clients, the company has strengthened its reputation as a competitive and reliable professional, both locally and internationally.

Having in mind everything mentioned above, it is clear how significant is that Danos, in association with BNP Paribas Group, opened its offices in Serbia (Belgrade), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Albania (Tirana) in March 2009.
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