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MIPIM 2022 Back to Its Traditional Dates

7th February 2022.

Aleksandar Opsenica
Editorial in Chief
AG Real Estate

Due to the circumstance resulting from Corona effects, MIPIM 2020 was not held on its regular dates. The announcement of the offline MIPIM 2021 had been expected with considerable misgivings, however it was held from 7th to 9th September 2021 which allowed for its continuity. All interested parties gathered together to support the efforts of MIPIM organizers with their physical presence hoping to see MIPIM 2022 back in its earlier formats.

The updated MIPIM site gives (as of the end of January 2022) all relevant information regarding the event. The exclusive news is that the former president of France (2012-2017) Mr. Francois Hollande will be the keynote speaker at the ceremonial opening of this years MIPIM to be held on Tuesday March 15th in Grand Auditorium starting at 3pm. In the afternoon RE Investment summit will be held under the auspices of Redevco, CMS-a, KPMG-a, Patrizia and Investment Managers in the Majestic hotel which will host the Summit of Political Leaders after Mr. Hollandes speech.

The former French president is expected to share with the real estate industry his beliefs and views on the extensive problems facing the whole world, primarily economic and social issues in the context of health and sanitary crisis which has been the determining factor affecting diversity, equality and employment in the last two years. It will also be interesting to hear Mr. Hollandes view in terms of climate change (which was an important topic during his presidency), especially in the context of the Paris Conference of Climate Change held in 2015.

The significance of the moment in which this years MIPIM is held cannot be overestimated. We are witnessing the burning crisis in Ukraine arousing wide interest and serious concerns about it possibly growing into a war conflict. Needless to say, this would present a daunting factor in all investment enterprises in Europe. On the other hand the expected onset of inflationary times is additionally accelerating investments especially in Germany. The increased demand has caused extensive disturbances on the markets of basic building materials such as steel, aluminum, cement, bricks, ceramic tiles, power cables, water and sewage pipes and many others. Power prices have been going up dramatically this winter, which opens further question of what the situation will be like in spring with warmer temperatures.

Hence, the MIPIM event at the beginning of investment season is extremely important, at least for Europe, bearing in mind that most of these questions can be answered there ...

Total amount on the real estate market in the last quarter in Serbia 1.8 billion EUR

21st January 2022.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The total amount of money on the real estate market in Serbia, in the last quarter of 2021, amounted to EUR 1.8 billion, which is 33.8% more compared to the same period last year, according to the report of the Republic Geodetic Authority. If we compare it with the amount of money on the market in relation to the third quarter of the previous year, an increase of 8.2% was recorded.

The total number of concluded sales contracts during the last quarter of 2021 in Serbia was 37,500, which is a record number for all quarterly reports in the last four years and a growth of 12.6 percent compared to the last quarter of 2020. Also, 7.6% more registered contracts were recorded compared to the third quarter of the previous year.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the largest share in the total funds in real estate turnover had the turnover of apartments with 51% share, ie turnover of EUR 902.1 million, of which EUR 541.9 million was allocated in Belgrade alone. The rest of the share consists of funds allocated for residential buildings (houses, cottages and residential buildings) in the amount of EUR 188.5 million (11%), for construction land EUR 125.8 million (7%), for business premises EUR 102.2 million (6%), while EUR 68.2 million (4%) was allocated for agricultural land.

In the last quarter, the share of payments for apartments from credit funds was 30%, which is a decrease of 2% compared to the third quarter of 2021, as well as a decrease of 3% compared to the last quarter of 2020. The share of payments on all real estate from credit funds was 13%, which is a decrease of one percent compared to the last quarter of 2020 and an identical decrease compared to the third quarter of the previous year.

Belgrade Waterfront Buys Building Land Near of Ada Ciganlija

10th December 2021.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The company Belgrade Waterfront has bought land in Radnicka Street in Belgrade at a public bidding.

It is our great honor to get an opportunity to continue building and enriching the lives of the citizens of Belgrade, but also all the visitors to the Serbian capital. Belgrade Waterfront has brought new standards to the region. With each new project, we are pushing the boundaries, implementing innovations and creating a new, extraordinary environment for all citizens. We have proven that we are good, but we want to be even better in everything we do. We believe that a new acquisition will enable us to show that we can still raise standards and create even better ones. Everything we create, we build with great passion and dedication, from the heart and with the desire to have the citizens be proud of Belgrade and Serbia said Mohamed Alabbar, the chairman of Eagle Hills.

Let us remind that this is the land alongside Radnicka Street, in close proximity to the Sports and Recreation Center Ada Ciganlija, the Hippodrome and the cultural-historical and tourist whole Topcider. The price for the land of 55,169 m2 is RSD 3.18 billion, that is, around EUR 27 million.

Commercial features such as: shopping centers, hypermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations, distribution centers, wholesale markets, warehouses, green markets and commercial garages are not allowed in this location, whereas the allowed compatible purposes are features from the field of culture and sports facilities and complexes.

MAPIC 2021 again in person

15th October 2021.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

After a two-year break, MAPIC will be in perosn again in its traditional term. Admittedly moved two weeks later than usual, in mid-November each year and it is again an opportunity for retail professionals to gather on the Cote dAzur in Cannes. Expectations are high, especially given the negative impact of Covid on the development of the retail industry. New products are appearing in every segment of the retail industry. This will be an opportunity for a complete and confirmed recording of the current development of the retail sector.

Business meetings are scheduled. It will be an opportunity for products to appear on the retail market that will try to find their customers. In the meantime, new rules of "conduct and acctivities" have been imposed. The E commerce has an increasing impact on retail and on the existing retail products are experiencing a complete or partial recomposition in a functional and business sense.

A decent number of visits are expected from the SEE region, and this will be another opportunity for SEE to show and confirm its investment opportunities and attractiveness.

See you at MAPIC 2021!

A high-rise building is planned on the site of Alta Bank

1st September 2021.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction of the City of Belgrade announced an early public inspection regarding the development of a detailed regulation plan for block 32, in New Belgrade municipality. The initiative for the development of the Plan came from Alta Holding doo, based in Zemun, with the aim of creating a legal basis for Dr. Zoran Djindjic Boulevard and Boulevard of Arts (Bulevar Umetnosti), and checking the possibility of constructing a high-rise building in accordance with the terms of the General Regulation Plan.

The Alta Bank building (formerly Jubmes Bank) is located at the corner of Dr. Zoran Djindjic Boulevard and Boulevard of Arts, and, as the plan states, it is of good creditworthiness, however, poorly positioned in relation to the extremely wide intersection of the two boulevards. The plan envisages the replacement of the Alta banka building with a new commercial facility. The construction rules for commercial facilities in this area stipulate a maximum height of the building's wreath up to 32 m, and in the zone of a high-rise building up to 120 m.

The expected effects, among others, are the reconstruction and transformation of the business center on the corner of Dr. Zoran Djindjic Boulevard and Boulevard of Arts, and increase in area's attractiveness by building a skyscraper, equipping the area with both public and assigned garages, and increasing the number of jobs available.

RE Filipovi conference invites to reunion

15th August 2021.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

During this summer, the RE Filipovi conference was announced. After 2019, this is the first opportunity to gather in Zagreb and get business advice on the development of the RE industry. Traditionally, representatives from the region will gather at the Esplanada Hotel. Thematically, this event is generally indistinguishable from the previous ones. It will be refreshed with current topics and the thematic accent related to urbanism and architecture is noticeable, the increasing use of wooden constructions in buildings, ESG and green topics are now unavoidable, and a special opportunity will be given to present projects from Croatia.

In the two days of this event, it will be an opportunity after almost two years to physically hang out again and network with professionals who come from the world of real estate development. As usual from Serbia, a team of professionals is being prepared, who will compare and comment on all current tendencies of their markets with their colleagues from the region. In front of the international audience, the Serbian market will be presented on its traditional panel.

Real Estate Market in Serbia Worth EUR 1.3 Billion

9th January 2021.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

In the final quarter of 2020, the real estate market in Serbia was worth EUR 1.329 billion, there were 14.9 thousand transaction contracts and the most expensive house sold was a house in Belgrade that went for EUR 1.85 million, whereas a complex in Sopot went for EUR 3 million, according to the quarterly report of the Republic Geodetic Authority. The most sold properties had been apartments, accounting for 29% of the total amount of the transactions, whereas in the third quarter they had been at 28%, followed by construction land at 19%, agricultural land at 16%, residential facilities at 14% and garages at 8%.

In the final three months of 2020, the real estate market in Serbia was worth EUR 1.329 billion, which is an increase compared to EUR 1.2 billion in the third quarter, and that the largest turnover since the RGA had started collecting the data had been recorded in that period.

The trade of apartments was at 54%, residential facilities were at 10%, and building land stopped at 8%. In general, real estate was paid for in cash more, with 86% sold for cash and 14% through credit financing. As for apartments, credits account for around 32%. The 13 most expensive new apartments sold in the fourth quarter are located at the Belgrade Waterfront, whereas the most expensive old apartments are in Gospodar Jovanova Street in the Belgrade municipality of Stari Grad, where the highest prices for offices and garages were realized as well.

The most expensive house went for EUR 1.85 million and is located in the Belgrade municipality of Savski Venac, whereas a complex in Sopot, with two vacation houses, auxiliary buildings, several parcels of land and a pool, went for EUR 3 million. In 2020, there was an increase in the number of vacation houses sold compared to 2019, but there was still a decrease in the fourth quarter.

A Step Closer to the Construction of Hotel InterContinental in Belgrade

10th December 2020.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

Delta Real Estate has secured the resources and the technical documentation for the construction of the business complex Delta Center in New Belgrade, within which Hotel InterContinental Beograd, of 26,000 m2, will be located, and the same area will be taken up by high-class office space. The Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction of the City Administration of Belgrade has recently put the draft detailed regulation plan of this area up for public review. Building permits are now being waited for, and Investor are ready to open the construction site and begin the works within two weeks of the issuing of the permit. Delta Real Esate plan to invest EUR 130 million in the construction of the complex. The project of Delta Center is prepared by the London office of the famous Gensler studio.

The business center will entail an exclusive shopping zone and restaurants, as well as a large underground parking lot.

Construction of New Business Tower Skyline Omnia to be 132 Meters Tall

20th October 2020.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The construction of another project in Kneza Milosa Street, called Skyline will be located within the modern residential-office complex Skyline Belgrade. The investor in the project, AFI Europe Serbia, emphasizes that this functional business tower, which is worth EUR 73 million, will be one of the symbols of the Serbian capital.

Skyline Omnia will have 31 floors and take up nearly 40,000 m2. There will be no queuing for elevators in this business tower, since the project envisages as many as 11 fast elevators for the employees and the visitors. The tenants will be provided with maximum flexibility, as there will be a possibility for each floor to be divided up in line with their requests and needs. The lease areas, from 250 m2 to 920 m2 per floor, will enable each activity to be organized in the optimal way. This modern building will be an example of the use of high-tech equipment, and thanks to its sophisticated telecommunications equipment, it will also meet the LEED Gold standard.

The lack of parking spaces in Belgrade center is one of the important problems of the business world, but the tenants of the Skyline Omnia business tower will not have to worry about it, because they will have 479 garage parking spaces at their disposal. The ground floor is meant for retail outlets, and each fifth floor will feature a balcony. A building featuring this kind of concept in a prestigious location will be a great choice for companies that require first-class, quality and inspirational working environment.

Residential-Office Complex on 100,000 m2 near Yu Business Center, New Belgrade

20th May 2020.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The ambitious project of the construction of a residential-office complex with two tall towers in the attractive location of Block 12 in New Belgrade has been made current again after a whole decade.

The Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction of the City of Belgrade has announced a public presentation of the Urban Plan for the construction of this complex, which will spread on nearly 100,000 m2 near the Yu Business Center.

The Detailed Regulation Plan for this location was adopted, and the company Urbanisticki Centar, which prepared it, has now prepared an urban plan for this project, which is commissioned by the company Termomont, also the investor in the project. The total number of apartments on both parcels will be 604, and the planned number of flets is 1,752.

Activities in Location Depot, Residential and Office Facilities in Belgrade

20th March 2020.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The procedure of adopting the planning document necessary for the construction of apartments and stores in the location of the shopping center at 142 Kralja Aleksandra Blvd, destroyed in a fire, was stopped due to the state of emergency. The public review of the detailed regulation plan for this 1.18-ha block ended before it started. No one knows at the moment when the procedure might continue and no one can specify when the city parliament might start working again, and the draft DRP needs to be adopted by it.

The consortium of Israeli companies Yossi Avrahami and Almogim Holdings is behind the Depot project. The preparation of the planning document was commissioned by BKA Development, which bought the Depot for EUR 4.15 million three years ago. The buildings facing Kralja Aleksandra Blvd can be 32 meters tall (eight floors and a loft), whereas stores and other commercial features will have up to two floors. The area of the future complex is projected at around 14,000 square meters.

As for what the investor will be obliged to preserve in the location and how it will fit into the future complex, this depends on the conditions set by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. The location features a protected tram deport, the first facility for storage and maintenance of public transport vehicles in Belgrade and Serbia. Its construction enabled the opening of the first tram line in Belgrade, from Kalemegdan to Slavija, on October 14, 1892.

Two more weeks until this years IHIDC

22nd October 2019.

Source: AG Real Estate/REBEC

International Hotel Investment and Design Conference will be held in the Andaz Vienna Hotel on 7th November. This is a leading specialized event dedicated to the development of the hotel industry and covers the markets of central and east Europe. The participants are specialized investors, entrepreneurs, operators, consultants and designers engaged in the hotel industry.

Ever since its establishment in 2007, this specialized event has been traditionally organized in Vienna. IHIDC has earned its prestigious and recognized place among the numerous events dedicated to development of business activities within the hotel industry. More than 40 respected speakers from 20 countries and more than 300 participants have already confirmed their participation in the one-day programme. This year program you can see here. Pictures from last year event, you can see here.

The quality of the specialized topics and confirmed speakers recommend this event as mandatory and qualify it as the first class one-day event.

Cease this business opportunity, come to Vienna for two weeks and be a part of this outstanding event.

One week until CEE Property Forum

11th September 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

There are hardly any available seats in the audience of this years CEE Property Forum.

Discounts are no longer offered, all panels with speakers are full. The Savoyen Hotel is fully booked. This event will be really good. Dont miss this specialized business investment opportunity.

See you in Vienna in a weeks time at CEE Property Forum.

One month until XXII Expo Real

7th September 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The announced conference programmes in all 7 thematic units that are to be simultaneously held in 7 points within 6 halls on the Munich Trade fair are having their finishing touches. The exhibitors are concluding their preparations. The catalogues have been printed long time ago and the appointments have been confirmed and are being filled in, where there are possibilities.

Serbia will have its stand and through the presentation of the Development agency of Vojvodina (RAV), the representatives of municipalities from Backa, Srem and Banat will offer their investment potentials. Slowly, but surely, apart from the industrial projects, the offer will include possibility to develop office, retail and hotel/tourist projects throughout the cities and territory of the province of Vojvodina

By presenting its increasing investment potentials, this will be a chance for Serbia to take its place on the top list of the most interesting investment destinations. Recently published data in the Financial Times do Serbia good. Serbia has definitely become the leader in the southeast Europe in terms of attracting foreign investors. This year, FDI is expected to be over 5 billion euros.

Due to all afore mentioned, we expect this years participation and RAVs organization to be highly successful.

See you in Munich!

Two weeks until CEE Property forum

4th September 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

On the website of Property Forum, in the section announcements of CEE events, you can see completed agenda and list of all speakers of this years event. The speakers are as respectable as the companies they will be representing of the utmost investment and specialized rank.

It is certain that as well as in the past, the quality of the topics, speakers and audience would confirm the significance of this event.

Cease this opportunity to be properly and directly informed on the investment situation in the CEE region by being present at the event. Try to find your investment opportunity by visiting and taking part in the at the CEE Property Forum.

Two months until Expo Real

7th August 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The organization of this years Expo Real is reaching its final phase. Leading European business platform B2B sends new announcements and notification throughout the world on daily basis. With every year, the number of international participants in Expo Real increases and there will be no world market that would not be represented in Munich this year.

The old rule says that those that decide in the last moment to visit the event will experience great organizational problems. Decent accommodation in Munich is no longer to be found, the prices of the airplane tickets to Munich have reached the sky, and there are less and less free appointment terms for potential business meetings. The only chance to set up a meeting with serious and prestigious investors in this moment is by stroke of luck!

Due to all afore mentioned, hurry up and catch the business opportunity in Munich this year and present yourself to the world.

More details at

CEE Property Forum, Vienna

23rd July 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

The first announcement regarding this years CEE Property Forum has been broadcasted. This year, afternoon and evening of 18th September are reserved for PROPTECH and pre-conference party. The entire day of 19th September is reserved for presentation of the current issues and analysis of CEE region real estate investment development status.

Gathering of RICS members and other interested parties for this prestigious special event, this time will be held in the Vienna Savoyen Hotel, and one day earlier, ERSTE Central office in Vienna will host the cocktail party sponsored by CBRE and Revetas.

The topics are up-to-date and the programme details can be seen here. There are 22 registered topics and more than 30 countries represented by over 500 delegates will be present there.

Cease this opportunity to be properly and directly informed on the investment situation in the CEE region. Try to find and use your business chance in Vienna in the mid of September.

XXII Expo Real, Munich

7th July 2019.

Izvor: AG Real Estate/REBEC

As usual, three months before the start of the Expo Real, everything is going as planned. The investment market in Munich will once again be a host and gathering platform for this years participants. Last year, there were over 45.000 visitors and it is very likely that this record will be broken with even more visits.

Positive investment expectations in Europe and world go in favour of the event. The unavoidable BREXIT will have key influence onto the real estate development issue in the world and Europe. The expected prolongation of the Britains exit from the EU additionally makes the investment situation more complicated.

Based on the announcements available on the website of Expo Real, there will be 2.095 exhibitors from 41 countries on over 64.000m2 of contemporary exhibit space. There will be more than 500 leading experts from the real estate development industry in the conference programme.

All information on conference part of the programme can be found here.

Follow us daily and frequently,

Expo Real